Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Economic Espionage

This is a story for some TV series, but is all to real, this guy was okay with selling critical secrets to the Russians, and felt he was in league with James Bond. He took every counter intelligence course he could get into as well as every spy school and book he could get hold of, (I will have to try and buy his used library). This is not some outside agent trying to bust into a classified site, no this is an insider, working for the company. Just another story that tells us that we all have to understand that those folks working near you and around you everyday. The person that has the best chance to catch one of these spies is us, yes you and I are the best first, and last line of defense for the USA.
An insider working for a government contractor in California was recently sentenced to prison for selling sensitive satellite information to someone he believed was a Russian agent.

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