Monday, March 5, 2018

Fired partner ID'd as gunman in Long Beach law office shooting

Another workplace violence shooting, the signs were all there, no one acted on them. Add to this that the former Partner was not removed from the building and companies access control system. This is just one of the exit procedures that should be on any companies check list. In this case it probably would have stopped the killing before it started. All companies big and small need to develop exit checklists even for non essential employees. Emotions are running very high during and after someone is let go. Developing an exit plan is just part of planning for workplace violence situations. A company can get a head start on this planning by starting with FEMA Free Online Training , Work Place Violence and Active Shooter, are just two courses that can be a good foundation for any company. Law Offices are just one type of firm that faces this problem. If CTI can help you in anyway, please get hold of us. We can work with you and your company any where in the USA and World for that matter.
John Mendoza fatally shot a man before turning the gun on himself, police said

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