Monday, March 5, 2018

Forget About Siri and Alexa — When It Comes to Voice Identification, the “NSA Reigns Supreme”

This is not star wars stuff, this is ready to use and is being used now. As an investigative tool, it is great, but to convict someone is another story. But hey, you need to find the guy first, and this technology helps NSA and the users of NSA technology get a big leg up. The scary part is it seems to work on strictly tonal vibrations of people to narrow down the search. Each of us is slightly different in our speech and tones we emit. IE your throat is different than mine, so as we speak the vibrations in our throat, modulated by our tongue and lips, our lungs. They all go to make up a different set of vibrations, IE audio. Now all we need are algorithms to start narrowing down all the voices in the data base, as it keep narrowing down, we finally get to a point when we start looking at words and sentences being used, which is not far from tapping you on the shoulder.

Classified documents from the Snowden archive reveal the NSA has been developing technology to automatically identify a speaker from the sound of their…

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