Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Former Mexican federal officer shot in head.

This happen a while ago, but for folks new to the area, this assassination happen in the middle of the day on 10th street in the middle of McAllen Tx. The order came out of Reynosa, Mexico. for an assassination in McAllen Tx. The reason that this is so important in this day and time is that we have other former mexican federal officials, from politicians to law enforcement Officials living in and around McAllen Tx. Have there been other attempted assassinations in the Rio Grande Valley? Yes, everything from lower level Capt. of the Police from Reynosa, having armed attacks at their home in Mission Tx, to killing teams working out of Pharr Tx. to enforce and assassinate people from the border up to and including Dallas Tx. One grandfather in Brownsville Tx, moved his support from one faction of the Cartel to another, so a package of pipe bombs was sent to his home, addressed to his granddaughter, who lived in the home with him and the young girls parents. Only a few of the 6 pipe bombs detonated, but it put the child and her parents in the Hospital for months. The grandfather was not touched, but was sent to jail in the next year for drug trafficking. We are going to have another contentious election in Mexico coming up, if history repeats itself, this will involve a systematic house cleaning of people that may have negative information on one of the candidates. A number of the these possible problem people once again live in the Rio Grande Valley to include Mission Texas among others. The attacks will be against specific people, but anyone witnessing these attacks can be targeted as well, or just innocents like family and friends of the targets can and have in the past been caught up in these house cleaning situations.
By Sarah Ovaska

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