Tuesday, March 13, 2018

From Lone Actors to Daesh: Rethinking the Response to the Diverse Threats of Terrorist Financing

Part of terrorist financing is in many cases the terrorist leaders tend to line their own pockets as they fund raise for the groups. This has been the case from the IRA to ISIS, the top dogs always seem to hold on the a lot of the funds for themselves.
"One destructive legacy of the troubles is that the terrorist godfathers have been able to use the organisational networks that are in place, combined with the fear that they engender within their communities, to line their own pockets, for whatever purpose. Keeping control of the communities in order to make money has become an end in itself."
Jane Kennedy, Minister of State for Northern Ireland

In view of the terrorist threat and diversity of funding efforts, counter-terrorist financing efforts should aim to address the modus operandi of any given target,…

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