Monday, March 26, 2018

He Gambles. He Tips Staff. He Eats Alone. All the While, He’s Stocking His Vegas Suite With Guns.

This and the following video are a must watch for anyone in security from guards to directors. It outlines in video the days and hours leading up to the Las Vegas mass shooting. The calmness he shows throughout is nothing short of amazing, as a behaviorist it is extremely troubling on so many fronts. Taking each movement and the down times between the set up he is using, he really does not show any gotcha moments. Yes, his eyes are troubling, but could easily be because of his late hours at the tables. The maids and other staff may have noticed some very strange behavior at times, and the lack of him being in the room for extended times, but that is about it. This is a troubling video or set of videos to watch, but we must to try and understand what happen. For a strictly behavior profile, this is as disturbing as the Boston Bombers walking through the crowds to plant their bombs, they are just not flashing the behavior signals expected, much like this guy. But still don't stop working your behavior surveillance and awareness, these really are out of the norm. I have seen purse snatchers in stores flash more behavior clues than this, and almost all the time.
Surveillance footage obtained by The Times shows the mundane movements of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas gunman, in the chilling prelude to a massacre.

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