Monday, March 5, 2018

Leaked DHS memo accuses drone maker DJI of spying for China

It is always interesting to read about the thinking of the Chinese espionage agencies. They think the USA companies that deal with them, both here and in China, are idiots and do not deserve any respect for their intellectual rights. They have been very successful in stealing patented ideas over the years. Here is a quote from a recent article on just one prong of their attack, Drone makers. Counter-espionage is big business. Originally the Chinese intelligence services were very nervous when US and Western companies began to flood into China in the 1990’s. The intelligence services quickly went to work to steal the intellectual property of the companies, but they expected it would be difficult and challenging. They were shocked to find that US and Western companies did not seem to have any understanding of, nor seemed to care about business spying.
It was all about manpower cost and companies repeatedly and blindly gave away their secrets. Some Chinese intelligence personnel initially thought this was way too easy, but over the past couple of decades the Chinese intelligence services have stolen so much and have been so successful they now realize that American and Western companies are just amazingly ignorant of what is happening and have no qualms about stealing from the uneducated.
This article is based on a leaked DHS memo from ICE Agents that have broken at least parts of this spy ring.
A memo by the Department of Homeland Security accuses popular drone manufacturer DJI of spying for China.

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