Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mexico’s cartels are ditching drugs for oil

This is happening all over Mexico, but not at the level of influence at the border between Mexico and the USA. From Tijuana to Reynosa, the oil industry is under attack from the Cartels. And not just the oil itself, but they're extorting the companies involved, kidnapping employees of the oil companies, and buying/ taking over gas stations on both sides of the border. The hope of the Mexican government was that they would make enough money out of the oil trade so that they could continue their lifestyles. But it turns out even with the best money laundering money can buy, the government officials of Mexico could not steal the amounts of money they wanted, and what they did steal was too easily traced. So they found that going back to the Cartels was more effective, and the money is far less traceable. So even after the carefully negotiated deals with foreign companies to harvest the oil for them, the Mexican Government is agreeing to sit back and allow the Cartels to take over the oil output, and pay the political types. Once again the ones truly paying for this is the citizens of Mexico, again. The Zeta's buying of gas stations on both sides of the border is turning out to be a money making bonanza. The gas stations allow the Cartels to sell themselves the oil and gas needed to operate the stations on both sides of the border. They have huge tanks at some of the stations for stolen fuel to be stored. They're used for sales, sometimes bulk sales to other stations on both sides of the border. Tanker trucks pull up to these stations and take fuel out to sell further up the line in the US, and further down the line in Mexico. Another money making opportunity has developed from these Cartel owned gas stations, identity theft from people buying gas at these stations. So all in all the oil market is rapidly becoming the crime of choice, and has far less legal downsides.

Refineries in Mexico are bleeding as drug cartels have been racketeering refinery workers to help them tap storage facilities, trucks, and pipelines in a lucrative side business for the local narcos

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