Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Nvidia Making Facial Recognition AI for Smart City Surveillance

Facial recognition has been getting better and better every year, in some cases every month, but it still rarely meets expectations. Now I have not tested or researched tests of this new system, and remember it is teaming up with AI firms, so I am not sure this systems is actually available. But from testing them in the past, if you are using it for finding friends on Facebook it should work just fine for you. But for access control or arresting someone because the system flagged a person, or identified a person, be very wary of the system. It is getting better, but so is the other side. In some cases just removing certain teeth like models do to make their faces more symmetrical will beat the system. In other cases botulism injections will beat the systems. Basically look at all the points measured, if you require the 99% identity then pretty much all those points have to match up. You can go down to an 80% or even less, but 80% is what most companies recommend, now a few small changes will still allow it to catch people. But do you want to call in the Police to shoot someone on an 80% level of accuracy? The other factor is when using it to find bad guys, like terrorists, they do not hold still for great photographs, so you may be starting at a bit of a problem. It is getting better, and using the technology to screen lots of people for extended period of time has its advantages. So if my client asked me if a bad guy was in the facility with one of these systems working, I would have to say I do not know, which I would have to do today as well, but with a lot less cost, and operational concerns. Would I use the system if it was available, most certainly, I use anything they may give me an edge.

Do you ever feel like somebody's watching you?

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