Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Package Bombs in Austin Have Killed 2 People This Month – and Police Say They're Linked

t. If you see a suspicious package, keep away from it. Call the police and try to warn anyone getting close to it, but from a distance. It appears that they are not delivered by the Post Office or any other delivery service, but by someone actually going to the area and dropping them off. This is not the first time package bombs have been delivered by the bomber and it makes it that much more dangerous to the victims in this case. Just moving the package could possibly set it off, unlike a bomb sent through Post Office, which normally requires someone to open the package to set it off. Although preliminary reports seem to say that the package was not set off by the person picking it up, but when they opened it up in their kitchen. Still, it is advised to not touch the device at all, but to call the police and let them handle it. Please be safe, and let's catch the bomber as quickly as possible.

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