Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Police Report 150 Calls As Package Bombings Put Austin On Edge

These devices are rumored to be well made homemade explosives in simply made bombs. This makes for a very dangerous device that should not be touched without calling the police. This doesn't mean we have to live in fear, most of us never receive a package of this size without expecting it. I would make the recommendation to verify that any package is actually from the person you expect it to be from, this can done with a simple phone call. Every business and family should take a few minutes to review a package bomb suspect device check list. This device apparently doesn't look like any normal package you would have delivered, but this bomber or copy cat bombers will most likely change the make up of the devices to evade detection. Even if it's in a FedEx or UPS box, if you aren't expecting a large package you should be careful. We all need to be careful, a good start would be to Google the US Postal Service web site and review the suspect package check list found there.

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