Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Radio in Caracas Now: Leave or Arm Yourself

Taking EP jobs in Caracas can be dangerous to your health. I can remember the last days before the transition to a Communist based Government. My client at the time just got out, with what he could get in one of his smaller planes, it was filled with cash, since his banks as well as the rest had just been nationalized. Now those banker's were not saints and did bring down a lot of the problems with their greed, but I know a lot of EP types held at gun point in hotels and the  
airport as they tried to follow clients out of town. This misplaced flirtation with socialized Communism has turned out very badly for everyone but the very top of the political food chain, and they are feeling the pinch now as well. How they transition back to private ownership is going to be very rough, most of the corporate expertise has fled the country a long time ago, so getting qualified people to jump start a new democracy, is also going to be a dangerous period of time. The closest thing to look to is Russia, and they are still dealing with the criminal elements that transition developed. Germany, had a democratic style government to lean on as they merged the communist country back into theirs. Still they have faced and are facing problems with that merger 20 years later. Cuba will probably follow after Venezuela in this new transition, but as one wise old Confucius scholar stated, there are profits to be made in chaos, so we must keep our eyes open to the new and coming changes.
There’s little left of the rich radio scene of yesteryear.

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