Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tamaulipas security forces struggle to rein in drug cartel fighting

This is a must read article if you are doing any work in Mexico or even near the border. Even Reynosa's mayor has finally had to warn visitors from both Mexico and American not to come to Reynosa if you do not have to, especially at night. Bodyguards are often asking about jobs in Mexico without realizing the danger. It's almost a death warrant to work in Reynosa as a bodyguard. If you have a weapon in Reynosa you are fair game to be shot by different sides of the Cartels 
involved in a turf war, or by the police or military. All basically find it safer to shoot people with weapons than to wait and find out if they are good guys. To most of the military and police, if you have a weapon you are a bad guy, and the Cartels are in the mode if you are not one of us then you are an enemy. So as in the far majority of bodyguard situations you decide to do your job unarmed, not a valid option in Reynosa and places like it in Mexico. Just being aware like many of us are tend to make people targets in these parts of Mexico. Most State Department and Government workers in Monterrey Mexico will only travel in convoys up through Reynosa, there are often check points along the way, some are actual government checkpoints, but the majority are operated by one Cartel or another.

The Mexican border state recorded 805 homicides last year, and Reynosa, across from McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley, is seeing some of the worst violence in the…

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