Thursday, March 1, 2018

Teen YouTube star gunned down after hurling insult at cartel boss

It is never a good idea to speak out against any cartel bosses, but to do so in an area that is so controlled by the cartel is pretty much suicidal. In a area that just playing the wrong song can get you killed, one has to be very careful with the type of cartel jewelry and even the logos on hats and other wearable items you have on. Just walking into a bar and buying drugs off the wrong dealer can get you killed. In some areas taxis are often forced into working for one cartel or another, one can be killed by getting into the wrong taxi with no idea the danger they are in. As you walk over the Hidalgo bridge into Reynosa Mexico, look outs on the bridge call down to Cartel members hanging out in bars and restaurants near the base of the bridge. If you even look like you could be a buyer, or even just a nuisance to them, life can be over before you hit the bottom of the bridge. You probably will not be shot immediately there are to many police and military around, unless a fight is going on between cartels or they and the police at the time. At the end of last month the next bridge over, which is about 5 miles away, had the outbound lanes into the US blocked by cartel teams in an attempt to prevent other cartel members from fleeing into the USA over the bridge. Still, warnings are often given by twitter by both citizens seeing gun fights start, but also by cartel members trying to clear the streets so they can limit the amount of people they had to deal with when a gun fight is going on. People have stores and other family homes they can hide in if caught out in the open during a gun battle, sometimes they will have to shelter in place for hours with stray bullets flying through windows and walls. If you go down to the International Park on the River, you can often see pickup trucks with armed individuals in the backs, much like the technical's in Somalia. In some cases they are bringing 12 to 60 people that have paid to get close to the river for an attempted crossing. Other times it's teams of enforcers just coming down to the park to make sure anyone trying to cross has paid their due's to the cartel, or if they have, just to charge then again before they cross over to the USA.
A Mexican YouTube star known for videos showing him drinking to excess was gunned down after hurling an insult at a notorious cartel boss on social media,…

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