Thursday, March 1, 2018

The beautiful and CRIMINAL that the Cartel of La Linera recruits

The use of women as part of hit teams has been around for years. They have normally been used as surveillance scouts that can stand or sit in restaurants and bars for hours with out attracting undue attention. They can also scout out the best vantage points for attacking their targets. It was reported two such women had been used in the Cartel hit in McAllen Tx an number of years ago. They had also been used in the past as drivers for hit teams since just the sight of a young woman in a car would help avoid suspicion until it was too late. This would seem to be just an extension of the use of these female Cartel members. With the TV series featuring two good looking women as Cartel leaders, I am sure more than a few young ladies have aspired to have the high flying lifestyles portrayed in the TV show. For bodyguards and counter surveillance operators, this is not a new thing, terrorist groups have been using females as part of the their cells for years. The Bader Minehof gang romanticized the use of female terrorists, and their life was also portrayed on film back in the 80's. Another terrorist group, the Red Army Faction based out of Japan, also used women operatives to mount their attacks. One attack attributed to the Bader Mindhof Terrorist group was the use of a young lady pushing a baby carriage out into the road to block traffic, and set up a terrorist kidnapping and hit.
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