Thursday, March 1, 2018

US commandos train to capture North Korean nukes

Special teams have been constantly practicing for situations like this in North Korea, as well as other rogue states, like those of the former Soviet states, many who had either Soviet nuclear weapons, or had access to them. In fact, teams of Russian and American Special Forces often worked in tandem to enter these former Soviet states and remove both Nuclear weapons as well as the Radioactive materials used to make them. Some of the material was sent to the US for safe stora
ge, since the sheer volume of some of the material was more than the new Russia could handle. The technology was so poor in Russia at the time that they could not even read the quality of much of their material, the USA had to give them instrumentation to categorize what they have. The USA also provided them a lot of the technology to protect their stockpiles. So with all this, our Special Forces have teams to practice trying to deal with the situation. The issue as always is that we are not as well versed on their devices, and even when our teams are, they are so poorly made that premature detonation is always a possibility. What training the South Koreans have is also an unknown many times. Letting South Korean Soldiers have the technical training to deal with the devices can be a double edged sword if they go bad, and that is always a possibility since many have families in North Korea. Still, all in all these are some very brave individuals that are preparing for this type of defensive attack.

U.S. military forces reportedly trained earlier this month for a mission that would put them on North Korean soil, with the objective of “infiltrating and removing weapons of mass destruction, according to foreign military sources.

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