Monday, March 5, 2018

When you read things like this you just have to wonder. This has been a vulnerability for years, not only in Austin, but in most major cities with the same fire code compliance. When doing risk assessments of buildings this is one of the areas you have to address. In many cases the key or card access device, will open the door, but will still set off the alarms, so it is known that someone has used the emergency entry devices. Most Cities are moving or have moved years ago to a more secure method of this lock box access. There are a lot of ways to gain access to buildings, the old map from the gas station seems to work as does the car cigarette lighter on a metal coat hanger. Both will allow you access by firing off the exit sensors inside many doors. Lighting the map on fire, does not always seem to work as well, but it is a fast way to try and gain access.
Burglary suspect found in possession of master key to lockboxes used by first responders

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