Thursday, April 12, 2018


Just finished addressing 80 members of the International Association of Venue Managers, Dist. 6 on Event Security. These are event managers from arenas, stadiums and campuses in a 4 state area. With the evolving threats Special Events are facing keeping up with the newest techniques is critical. Most questions in the end dealt with active shooter situations in large arenas. Like everything, it requires planning.

Mexican Drug Traffickers Stuffed Mickey Mouse, Pluto With Crystallized Meth

There is no end of how they will smuggle these devices in. At one point they molded the drugs into miniature Statues of Liberty for import into New York and Washington DC. Plastic Explosives have been molded into the toys and figurines all over the world. Which is why CTI teaches our students to read people as much as you rely on tools like x-rays and metal detectors. Reading people and how they react to the world around them, can tell you much more that a lot of tools that do not think and can always be beaten for just that problem. Watching people react as they receive a package of counter-ban after being screened, can often tell you more that the screening tools can.
Federal agents intercepted $2 million worth of crystallized methamphetamine that had been…

Active Shooter & Medical Care Under Fire

This was a very well done and instructive talk. Probably the best to the point talk on the use of tourniquets I have seen. It would make a great YouTube training video for everyone, and would probably save a lot of lives.

Members and Invited Guests Only -- Special Agent Andrew Huminski has been in law enforcement as an uniformed police officer, US Secret Service Ageny, and as an FBI agent. He is certified as an instructor by the FBI ni firearms and…


If you get a chance to attend any of the ALERRT courses, you should do so. They are well done and thought out. There is very little difference between "Avoid Deny Defend" and "Run Hide Fight?", it's more of a change in lingo to make it sound less violent. The key in both is to plan before it happens. Get ready to run, have a plan, know the exits, do not stay at the X, for there you will die. Move, as soon as you walk into a room find the straight line to the nearest exit, then look for the next exit, and have a straight line to that as well. Start moving as soon as you feel something is not right, and keep moving till the situation improves, or you are out. If you can, get folks to follow you, but never stay in place. More people will follow you out than will listen to you tell them to leave. Anyone with a plan has a better chance of success, even if they do not follow the plan for some reason in the end. Without a plan you tend to stand in place and think about your next move, which can get you and those around you killed. So the plan is move on the straight line to an exit, even pick the exit as you stand there, it can always change if something happens, but your mind will react faster if you have at least an original plan.