Thursday, May 2, 2019

DOJ to Directors and Officers: Speak Up About Misconduct or Pay the Price : Risk & Insurance

DOJ to Directors and Officers: Speak Up About Misconduct or Pay the Price : Risk & Insurance

Directors and Officers of Corporations need to review their overview of their companies, and are facing risk if the to not act on Misconduct ,

One of key issues is, cyber insurance carriers will assess how comprehensive are the company’s cyber security systems.

Increasingly, carriers are worried about how companies deal with information collected from customers and business partners, as data privacy fines become more common and their clients demand that they are covered by cyber and D&O policies.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Amazon's facial-recognition technology is supercharging local police - SFGate

Amazon's facial-recognition technology is supercharging local police - SFGate

There is no way to stop this technology, and it is getting better everyday.  This Amazon technology is a quick way for even small Police Departments or Private security companies to get into the game. 

The good part of this Amazon Project it that it is only used as a case building technology, not to issue warrants.  In fact it is more like finding a couple of hundred college students to sit before a large TV screen and look for suspects.  This program just does it a lot faster.  Since it is only used to narrow down suspects, that investigators can check into.  With this type of use, there is probably no way to stop this technology going forward. 

There is no limit to the uses this technology can help security with.  Special Events facilities can use it to find banned individuals as can Mall Security even Theater Security. 

There are two main reasons this particular technology is going forward, one is the cost and two, is the  system can use virtually and video feed.  It could not be used as an access control system, it is not discriminating enough for that.   But for a warning system it should work just fine.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Threat Isn’t Coming, It’s Here: Security Dangers Imminent If China Controls 5G So what do we do now.

Anyone concerned with protecting our wireless communications systems from state-sponsored Chinese surveillance should take note of several important, and troubling, developments.
Last year, China’s state-sponsored Huawei Technologies, which a 2012 bipartisan congressional report labeled a national security risk, surpassed Sweden’s Ericsson to become the world’s largest telecom equipment provider.
Both Huawei and the Chinese government are working furiously to integrate Huawei’s proprietary technology into emerging 5G networks throughout the world.
China has a plan on how to become the worlds HUB for all 5G cellular links, and it started with them low bidding 4G cellular equipment, equipment that it turns out with only work with Huawei and the Chinese government 5G equipment.  Trying to force the market to Huawei and the Chinese government proprietary equipment.  The more this happens the more control over the 5G market China will hold.
Considering how many links this equipment has to Chinese Espionage, it now shows the Espionage plans the Chinese have for 5G all over the world

Friday, January 25, 2019

Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It | WIRED

Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It | WIRED

This is a real threat, and as the article states, very few Americans are worried about it. Yes, if our Government is doing something like China is doing that is considered bad by Americans at almost every level, yet Big Tech is going far further in invading your privacy than even the Chinese Government is, and we all seem to be okay with it. Lest I speak on too high a soap box, I too have fallen into the Google, Facebook, and Microsoft privacy trap far to much. Once that Google number is attached to your device or Google browser it is very hard to keep anything private. The Google number rounds up all your devices into a, for lack of a better term, file on you, one that expands every time you log onto another web site, or even do a google search. Lest you try and shun Google for this, Apple uses the same technology to track their users, as does Microsoft , Facebook, even your Health Care Providers. We are giving up our privacy at an every increasing speed. And unlike the US Government, these tech giants, sell this data in one form or another to the highest bidder. China is a pretty high bidder, and they use allowing access to their Citizens as one form of payment. Google and the rest of the tech giants actually will sell data to China before they would think of selling it, to our USA Government. Europe has tried to limit some of the privacy concerns, but all in all are pretty ineffective. Try this scenario out. You buy an android operated phone, to activate the phone you have to have a Google email account. This can start the tracking and gathering right there. So you make up another Google email address, this helps for a while, but while google tracks you they see you are emailing and or visiting the same web sites as your other gmail accounts do, so now they using AI only, no people involved, start to link these all together. At some point they are all merged into the same file on you. Now you buy and Apple phone, who also assigns a tracking number to you, but thankfully you are off the Google tracking system, but if you start to use the Google Chrome browser, you are assigned a Google number, and pretty soon both Google and Apple have expanded their files on you. For the most part these firms can not even stop doing it, it is embedded into their data systems, and grows and collects things on its own. And on and on it goes and grows. So back to the beginning of this, big tech, to get into the China market has to share a lot of information on their collection capability with them, which then leaves a lot open to hackers, and some of the best are in China, but that is a whole other story.