Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Threat Isn’t Coming, It’s Here: Security Dangers Imminent If China Controls 5G So what do we do now.

Anyone concerned with protecting our wireless communications systems from state-sponsored Chinese surveillance should take note of several important, and troubling, developments.
Last year, China’s state-sponsored Huawei Technologies, which a 2012 bipartisan congressional report labeled a national security risk, surpassed Sweden’s Ericsson to become the world’s largest telecom equipment provider.
Both Huawei and the Chinese government are working furiously to integrate Huawei’s proprietary technology into emerging 5G networks throughout the world.
China has a plan on how to become the worlds HUB for all 5G cellular links, and it started with them low bidding 4G cellular equipment, equipment that it turns out with only work with Huawei and the Chinese government 5G equipment.  Trying to force the market to Huawei and the Chinese government proprietary equipment.  The more this happens the more control over the 5G market China will hold.
Considering how many links this equipment has to Chinese Espionage, it now shows the Espionage plans the Chinese have for 5G all over the world